The Brock List

Sick of trying to keep tabs on me as I hop from one social media platform to another, desperately trying to shake the Internet Police that dog my every step? Me fucking too! Back off, eCops, I've got hostages.

In the meantime, you can just subscribe to this here mailing list and never miss a thing. This will be your one stop shop for all Brockway shenanigans. Links to new books, short stories and other projects of mine. Notices of killer sales, the home of exclusive giveaways, and all that other stuff I do instead of working like an adult: If I made a great joke on Twitter, it'll be here. A brilliant photo on Instagram? Right here. A bizarre rant about Wesley Snipes on Facebook? You guessed it: It's here. And the real bonus: Not only will you never miss the good stuff, but you're guaranteed to miss all the crap that I regretted immediately after posting! 
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